License to Kill

“Looks like Timothy Dalton kinda got the short end of the stick when it comes to my attention span. I wasn’t feeling too well for Monday’s Living Daylights, and today I was preoccupied thru much of Licence to Kill. I really was digging him as Bond, and I hadn’t realized until I dove into this project that he only got to play Bond twice. It seems like such a big deal that Lazenby only got one, but somehow one more movie equals infinitely more street cred.

I actually do wish I could have been in a better state to watch this one. The premise intrigued me with how it incorporated Felix. When Felix had been introduced in Casino Royale, I certainly had the sense that he was a part of the franchise. I just hadn’t known who he was at the time. Going thru the project, I tried to make a point to keep an eye out for him. Wikipedia told me somewhere along the line that I’d missed his first couple of appearances, but I since got pretty good at perking up whenever he was on screen. For Licence to Kill, Felix and his newlywed bride are attacked by bad guys. He barely survives. She doesn’t. Bond goes for vengence.

One thing I catch that I found interesting is that we have yet another mention of Bond’s incredibly shortlived marriage. I guess Lazenby’s legacy does get to live on since I can’t think of any other events that get mentioned as much as that one. Roger Moore had a poignant nod at the beginning of For Your Eyes Only, and here Dalton has a moment of reflection for her.

And for a point that’s neither here nor there, apparently “”Licence”” is the British way of spelling “”License””. I did not even realize we spelled the two differently. That explains why it took me a while to find this movie listed on some of the pages where I cross post my write ups. Silly Brits.

For another out of nowhere point: Benicio Del Toro whaaaaa? Yeah he was one of the lower level bad guys. I was typing away at something on my computer when he first appeared on screen, but I knew his voice the second I heard it. The visual (and IMDB) confirmed it.

I still have yet to be impressed with an opening title sequence. I used to always love watching them, but now that I’m sorta scrutinizing them, their magic is kinda lost. This one had a very “”modern”” feel to it. Idk, that’s just the word that ran thru my head the whole time. Still nothing that’s really exciting me. I know that the Craig titles will be kinda cool. I’ve got high hopes for Brosnan’s as well. It’s his turn next!”

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