“There’s a nonzero chance that this weekend’s movie plans are completely out the window. In case you didnt know, there’s a big blizzard out there today, so instead of heading down to the theater, I’m staying in for an #ExpDel007. Now I’m hoping this snow-pocalypse ends in time for me to get down to Providence for American Idiot tomorrow. Otherwise, I might end up tearing thru Pierce Brosnan’s tenure as Bond.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re on to Brosnan now. This is the Bond I grew up with. Not that I’d seen any of the movies at the time, but if you said the name James Bond to me in at least the first 20 years of my life, Brosnan’s is the face that I would see. Although, it would be ages until I stopped thinking of him primarily as Stu from Mrs Doubtfire. Incidentally, Goldeneye is the first Bond movie I ever saw, and it wasn’t until I got to college. I’m MIT class of 2007, so our orientation freshman year had a 007 theme to it. I skipped most of the orientation stuff in favor of getting an early in with the Musical Theatre Guild, but the one event I do remember going to was a screening of Goldeneye in Kresge auditorium. I still couldn’t believe how long I’d gone Bond-less. I’d been getting into action movies for a few years already, but I somehow never got around to this one.

Watching it now, it does have that classic 90s action feel. The type of movie that I’d always walk in in my daddy watching in the family room. Brosnan’s taking the game from covert espionage to hands dirty fighting in the thick of everything. This is certainly much more my style. Again, it’s indicative of the type of film that I grew up with. I only have so much attention span for older movies.

Another benefit to more recent movies? Recognizing more actors that I know and love. Alan Cumming stole the show for me, as henchman baddie under Sean Bean. Of course, Sean Bean has Bond villain on his resume. That just makes sense. This film also serves as the introduction to Judi Dench as M. Damn what an entrance. Unlike previous M’s that just sat behind a desk, she was much more active. And oh my God, the verbal smackdown she gave Bond before sending him out on his mission. The irony is not lost on me how Dench is the only M with real balls. She will forever be the ultimate Bond girl.

Speaking of Bond girls, we’ve got one of our best bad Bond girls with Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp. First off, it’s been a while since we’ve had the suggestive type female names that the franchise is well known for. We’ve also never seen a femme so fatale, completely ruthless and out of her mind. After a string of not too memorable leading ladies, she’s one that sure to stay with you.

Yesss! We’re finally starting to get to the really good opening credits that I love oh so very much. They’re starting to look so much more polished than before. I like that we’re also starting to get some variation with the girls on screen, instead of just having the same one repeat an action. Like the sledgehammer thing towards the end of this one. It makes it a lot more interesting to watch. See, I knew that I liked this part.”

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