The Living Daylights

“Kinda cheating here a little bit. The movie’s still going, but I’m not feeling so great. I just wanna crawl into bed, but I’ve gotta get the post up. However, it’ll likely be short. Won’t be the first time.

With The Living Daylights, it’s Timothy Dalton’s turn to take on Bond. I was running around getting dinner together during the first bit, so I didn’t quite catch the set up. IMDB tells me that they intentionally got actors that looked like George Lazenby and Roger Moore to kinda play with the “”who’s the new Bond”” thing. I kinda like Dalton. So far, he seems the most grounded out of our 007’s. After some rather over the top characters, it’s a nice change to have him be a bit more subtle and sincere.

Okay, John Rhys-Davies has to be one of the coolest actors ever, or at least he has one of the most enviable resumes. Sliders, Indiana Jones, LOTR, and now apparently he was a Bond villain? We don’t really see too much of him though, or at least I didn’t notice. There’s still 20 min to go though.

Oh, so one of the cool gadgets that Q gives James this time around is this key ring that can explode or emit gas when it’s triggered when whistling certain notes. One thought bugged me: what if Bond couldn’t whistle? I know I’d be \m/ if I were the one given those toys.

Also worth noting, we have a new Moneypenny. Up until now, it’s always been Lois Maxwell, but now Caroline Bliss will be seeing Dalton thru his reign.

This film’s theme comes to us courtesy of A-ha. Given that my playlists are sorted by artist, this tends to be the first song that shows up. So the poster image is pretty clear in my head. Nothing too remarkable here. Starts off with a lot of projection and then we’ve got a lot of more 3D feeling women. THe one thing I did appreciate was that the girls actually appeared clothed. I was getting annoyed at how many obviously naked silhouettes and wide shots we were getting in the previous ones. At least song wise its up with my favorites.”

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