A View to a Kill

“Today, we bid farewell to the month of January for the year 2013. We also bid farewell to Roger Moore in his role as Agent 007, Bond James Bond.

What stands out to me for this one is the cast. As a big fan of The Pretender, Patrick Bauchau caught my eye. I spied his name in the credits and the moment I first heard his voice (I was looking away at the computer screen), it was unmistakable. The other voice that was quickly recognizable to me was Tanya Roberts as our leading Bond girl Stacey Sutton. It did take me a second to place where I’d heard that ditzy squeak before, til it hit me That 70s Show. Speaking of, I saw something the other day that said if they made the equivalent of That 70’s Show today, set the same interval of time in the past, it’d now be That 90’s Show set in 1991. Whoa.

Okay okay, you Bond fans are prolly thinking that I’m missing one rather large name from the credits. Christopher Walken. Yeah, he was a Bond villain. Strange how that doesn’t come up as often as you’d think it would. Also, Walken is in Wayne’s World 2 which I’m watching now. How did that fact slip past me before? But yeah, as expected, he’s a rather bad ass bad guy. Not as overtly crazy as the other baddies have been, but still that twinkle of psychosis in his eye.

I’d been commenting about how overly ridiculous the Roger Moore films had been getting. Its seems that at the end, they decided to let him go with a bit more dignity. The antics were kept to a minimum, and a lot had to do with Stacey being a girly girl or henchgirl May Day being um special. The downside is that you’re also stuck with a less than memorable movie. I guess that leaves the question of would you rather be respectable but forgetable or memorable for all the wrong reasons? I did however have a special appreciation for this one because of the whole geology thing. That was my major in college. Not that I do anything with it now. Huh, maybe if I’d stuck with it I could be a real life Bond girl? Why didn’t they tell me that earlier?

The opening credits OMG so totally 80s! Blacklight and neon is the gimmick here. Neon facepaint, neon guns, strategically placed neon 007 logos. With Duran Duran jamming the title track, you really can’t 80s out any futher. If only those dancing girls had better choreographers though…”

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