For Your Eyes Only

“Oh man, not doing so good with this whole “”attention span”” thing this week. These movies are really starting to blur together.

I was excited by seeing our old friend Blofeld at the beginning. Hmm friend’s maybe not the right word. At least frienemy. Watching these films in order, it’s been great getting some continuity. Even if that bit was poorly edited, not just in masking his face, but the obviously plastic dummy attached to the helicopter. I also appreciated the bit with the flowers on Tracy’s grave. Something about this being a different Bond made it even more special, establishing a connection to her.

Anyways, as previously stated, I wasn’t quite able to get ito this one. I found myself distracted elsewhere and each time I’d look back to the screen, Bond was in an entirely different locale: snow! submarine! beach! I guess Roger Moore is trying to hit all of the various climates that Connery previously traveled to.

One thing that did stand out to me was Bond girl, Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock. She was just stunning, and her cold steely gaze was captivating. She’s certainly gonna rank up there with my favorites. It also caught my attention every time Greece was mentioned (often by her) since it made me think of my old roommate. That’s where she was from.

Interesting change for the opening credits. This time we see a woman singing thru the whole song (am I the only one who got a Rocky Horror vibe from that), with our new trend of naked girl silhouettes running around. First the silhouette pranced. Then she did what I can only describe as an interpretive dance. Alrighty then.”

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