The Man with the Golden Gun

“When I try to rapid fire my blog posts, I end up forgetting lots of small things that I may have thought of during the T ride home. For example, I forgot to specify that Movie 43 would prolly be best watched while drunk. Kind of an important point that I should have said before. And I was so wrapped up in the experience of watching Parker that I forgot I wanted to shout out Clifton Collins, Jr. A couple years ago, he was in every other movie, and now we haven’t seen him in a while, so seeing him here made me happy.

Today, I fought my I-have-to-see-every-movie-ever obsession and resisted the tempation to go see Mama so I could stay home, clean the apt a bit, and get in a couple of James Bonds. The trailer never quite grabbed me, but the fact that it’s been buzzing a bit makes me wanna go. But c’mon, how many of these type of horror movies do I really end up enjoying? I’m thinking thru all the last ones I’ve seen, theater or otherwise (Dream House, Silent House, The Orphanage, Last Exorcism, Woman in Black) and none of them really wowed me. If Jessica Chastain wasn’t in this movie, would I be caring? Prolly not. Be strong, Dawn. Be strong.

After spending much of the day (or at least more than is usually spent on such things) cleaning out the apt, it was finally time to sit down and watch Bond. I got really excited as it started as the major players took the screen: Christopher Lee as Mr Scaramunga, and Nick Nack. I’m also getting psyched to see Roger Moore start to grow into the 007 role a bit more. But then I just wasn’t paying much attention. Just my brain wasn’t in it right now. This is why I have more of a blog format to my write ups, I feel I can be honest here instead of trying to just fill this up with more offical sounding things. Although, in my distraction on ROFLrazzi I did find a cool info graphic keeping track of all the Bond cast over the years. Kinda cool being able to easily see who did what and when. I’d considered keeping track of such things, decided (as this proves) that other people have done it better.

The theme song is one I really like. I always go for more of the upbeat ones. The credits, however, still don’t give us anything really new. We’ve got guns instead of diamonds, but still the same dancing girl silhouettes and awkward close ups.

It’s alright, we’ve got another one coming up shortly. I promise to do better”

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