Live and Let Die

“Well well well, looks like its time for a new Bond to take over, for reals this time. Hell othere, Roger Moore. This time there was no delayed reveal or jokes on the switch up. Guess they were being more cautious to make sure the change stuck this time? He’s just getting his feet wet, but so far the role seems to be a natural fit.

How about we change things up and talk about the opening credits first this time. Mostly because the theme song, performed by one Sir Paul McCartney is probably the widest known and generally well liked theme. Various debates with friends on the subject usually led to the conclusion that this was the best. I have other favorites, but we’ll get there. Something that’s really great about this one is how deeply it’s incorporated into the film. All of the movies tend to thread the theme into the score, but here it really pops. We’ve also got the scene with the lounge singer performing the song midway thru the flick. As far as the credits, this one creeped me out with the staring eyes. It fits in with the voodoo vibe going on, but I’m still waiting for more computerized effects to appear instead of just awkward portraits.

I’m starting to get really annoyed with the girls and how easy they give it up to Mr Bond. I mean really, the guy isn’t putting all that much effort and he’s got female after female throwing themselves at him within thirty seconds of meeting. I get that it’s supposta be part of the spy charm or whatever, but this is getting ridiculous. Although ridiculous is very much what Rosie was. Thank God she was the bed and dead Bond girl cause I would not have been able to put up with her idiocracy any longer.

I liked how this movie started, with the stealth killing of the agents. That was clever. Biggest complaint? Why were there so many \m/ snakes? Snakes me no likey. Just not cool. THe New Orleans setting was fun, and I liked the voodoo vibe and the Tarot cards and all that jazz. Certainly different from anything we’ve seen so far. However, what was up with that Boss Hogg of a sherriff? Was he really necessary? Seriously, I get that James Bond is a British franchise, but do they hafta make us Americans look bad?”

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