Diamonds Are Forever

“Looks like Sean just couldn’t stay away. He’s back for one more with Diamonds Are Forever. This one’s generally regarded as the lesser of all the Connery films. My thoughts on it are that it’s just not particularly memorable. No shiny and exciting locale, Bond Babe Tiffany Case doesn’t add anything new, some fun with Blofeld and his plastic surger-ized doubles, but not much else. I’m actually kinda excited to move on to our next 007. I’m definitely ready for a change, and one that lasts longer than one film.

We’re back to actual images in this movie’s opening credits bringing back Shirley Bassey on vocals, but it works this time. Instead of just awkward girl shots, the focus is on the diamonds that just so happen to be in all the shots. Oh and the fluffy white kitty takes a bit of the spotlight there too. That’s always fun.

C’est la vie Sean, it’s been great getting to know you!”

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