“Highlight since we last spoke? Hanging out with The Young Rapscallions at their show in Boston on Monday. Their drummer should look familiar 😀

Speaking of Boston, a friend posted this really cool article she found about the 15 year anniversary of Good Will Hunting. Shows some really cool comparisons between shots in the film and what the locations look like now, with a lot of behind the scenes info. I really need to give that film another watch, considering how long I’ve lived in Boston now, especially since a lot of the filming locations are just a few minutes walk from my apt. That’s a further discussion for another day. Back to Bond.

So our friend and superspy James just spent a lot of time in the air for Goldfinger and before that on a train for From Russia… Next logical step, underwater I suppose. There was some water for Dr No, but not nearly as much as Thunderball. I find that I have trouble getting into the long intros on these movies. I do like watching the bad guys at work, Blofeld frying his numbered henchman in his chair, for example, but I don’t really start following the story until Bond gets involved. And even then, its not until he starts really diving in. This time, there was even actual diving involved. And all the talk about the Bahamas has me thinking about Muppets.

The opening credits are starting to get more epic, bit by bit. A lot of this one includes girls’ silhouettes. I like that better than previous ones where you see faces and features. It’s more fantastical and fun. We’ve also got a lotta water forshadowing with all the swimming. Tom Jones provides the vocals bringing a bit of a macho quality, which is fitting for the tough sounding film name.”

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