“Got the Golden Globes on in the background. I could have easily managed two Bond films today except that I’ve been watching Breaking Bad and I wanted to finish off season 3. I’ve actually got ten minutes left that’s waiting for a commercial break or two. But I was at least a little bit good and I watched Goldfinger today. This is where Bond starts to find his groove. This is also where I start to get a bit excited about the project.

Watching this, I realized where the world’s love for Bond must have truly begun. He was kinda just figuring things out in the first two, but here everything comes together beautifully. The action picks up. The bad guys are badder. The one liners are wittier. The girls are stronger. The ride is much more fun.

Goldfinger also boasts some of the most classic characters in the franchise. Auric Goldfinger, the Au-obsessed criminal mastermind. Oddjob (who I keep referring to as Random Task, thanks Mike Meyers), the hat throwing mute. And of course, Pussy Galore, Bond Babe extraordinare.

This film also lives in infamy over the confusion as to whether or not you could kill someone by covering them with paint. For the record, Myth busted!

As far as those opening credits, they’re getting a bit more stylized and fun. This one very much sticks with the film’s theme. But what’s noteworthy is that this is the first theme sung by Dame Shirley Bassey, the gold standard for Bond themes (see what I did there?)”

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