James Bond

“Dleted. Expletive Dleted.

I swear I won’t make that joke every time.

Anyhoo, announcing the latest ExpDel Mini Project: James Bond. Why Bond? Um, because he’s awesome. We all love him. And I don’t know him as well as I should. I’ve seen them all, but with the exception of the Daniel Craig ones which I saw in theaters, I kinda marathoned them all quickly a few years back so they’ve blurred together. True I’ll be marathoning them again, but I’ll be forcing myself to pay a bit more attention. And there’s the bonus blog benefit that these will all be new entries (except Skyfall, which was written up already). The last few mini projects had uber overlap with other projects. I’ll be going in order of their release date, cause that’s what makes sense.

And here we go!”

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