Rust and Bone

“I guess this weekend’s unintended theme was potential best actress nominees. Rust and Bone has a bit of a wildcard opportunity for previous winner Marion Cotillard. I adore her. Sadly, I didn’t quite adore this movie.

Rust and Bone is about a woman who loses her legs in an accident at her Sea World-esque job and the relationship she has with an underground boxer. IMDB tells me that it was pieced together from two different stories. That explains why it never quite jelled right. The way the two met was a little forced, and each had such big stories that could have been their own movies, that it seemed like we didn’t go as deep into either as we could have. Ultimately, I was just bored thru most of it. The first half was just a rush of small scenes that didn’t go anywhere or missed out on a lot of potential that by the time the characters started to develop a little bit, I didn’t care anymore.

Yes, Marion Cotillard was great, but I feel she’s the only reason this lil film is getting any attention. Had an unknown been cast instead of a past Oscar winner, no one would have even noticed it. Hell, I for one wouldn’t have bothered. I actually did really like her costar Matthias Schoenaerts. I just wish the two of them would have had better material to work with.

Rust and Bone – \m/ \m/

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