Jack Reacher

“Made it back to Texas, albeit about 12 hours late (thanks, United Airlines). Between the snow, the being tired, the attention starved kitties, and other considerations, I pared this weekend’s movies down to just Jack Reacher. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it turned out to have been exactly what I needed.

I’d only seen the trailer once or twice, and I didn’t really get a good sense of what the movie was. But it looked action-y, or at least like my kinda thing, and I do love Tom Cruise. Yeah there was a bit of action, but this was much more on the crime drama side. But I was into it, for the most part. There were a few big things I figured out way too soon. Blame it on the overabundance of movies I’ve seen. One short three or four word phrase tipped me off to one thing (incidentally, that’s because a similar three word phrase was used in another Tom Cruise movie), and then another bit of circumstances has been used a few times so I could also see where that was headed. Despite that, a lot of the details were still left to puzzle out. Nothing particularly new or innovative, but fun nonetheless.

I dont think we’ve really seen Tom Cruise in this type of role before. We’ve seen the psuedo action hero before (for what little there was of that), but not the insightful investigator. There was a lot of controversy around him taking the role of Jack Reacher. As written in the original novel, the character is this hulking 6’5″” former army man. Cruise is a bit more dimunuitive in stature than that. I dont think it would have bothered me if I hadn’t previously known that tidbit. I did spend a good half of the film trying to picture a big Rock-like guy, and while it would have added something for him to have been more imposing, I dont think it necessarily suffered as a result.

Worth venturing out in the snow for, but I was right to prioritize this below some of the other releases from the past two weeks.

Jack Reacher – \m/ \m/ \m/

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