Wanted (ExpDl Top 100)

“I’ve been genuinely excited to watch Wanted again. It’s been too \m/ long. I’m not sure how it missed the list before, but I’m kinda glad for the excuse for another viewing.

As an action movie, this movie is brilliant, and tragically overlooked. It’s prolly overlooked because a lot of the details of the plot are kinda dumb. No, not kinda. Really \m/ dumb. I have so many issues with the idea of the target names being woven into the cloth. So many issues. But when you have what should have been such groundbreaking action sequences, details shouldn’t matter as much.

I guess for a lot of people, they couldn’t get past some of the cheesier aspects of the action. I’m talking about the curving bullets. Yeah, it’s a little tough to believe, but I think it worked in context. And it added something shiny and new. Combined with all of the slo-mo, it created some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen. The technique wasn’t just used for action. There were some fun comedic gags that used it as well.

There are other little pieces that add up to a great whole. The soundtrack is pretty working, especially Danny Elfman’s The Little Things. That is one that rarely gets skipped when it comes up on my ipod.

Such an incredible cast too. James McAvoy is wonderful, even if his American accent is a lil off. He is equally well at stressed out, anxiety ridden Wesley, and bad ass assassin Wesley. A lot of the marketing weight was put on Angelina Jolie’s shoulders, and yes, she’s fantastic and tough and sexy, but this is really about McAvoy. In case that all wasn’t enough for ya, Morgan Freeman is the man in charge. That should give ya some solid street cred, yeah?

I did read the graphic novel not too long ago. Not particularly memorable, although I do know that it was pretty different from the movie. The plot points of contention weren’t in the source material, so minus points there for Hollywood. Go figure.”

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