ExpDl Top 100 is back!

“So I’d alluded to a new quick mini project coming up. Now that I’ve got some time today, time to dive right in. I’ll spare the suspense since you prolly read it in the title, but I’m bringing back my Top 100. No, I’m not going thru the full list. I’ll just write up movies that previously hadn’t appeared. I’ve got the new list posted at the same spot with the previous list for comparison.

A few disclaimers/reminders. This is my list of favorites, not necessarily a best list according to me. Subtle semantic difference that means a lot as far as I’m concerned. Rankings should be thought of as being within approx five spaces of where they are, cause really picking one over another is tough. Do I go for the one with the higher nostalgia factor or the better quality? Maybe the mood I’m in one day favors one film higher than it would another day. Who knows.

Some fun comparison info from last time. A bunch of these were actually influenced from watching them two years ago as I realized some were better than I’d remembered or others hadn’t lived up to the idea I had of them.
Highest on chart jump – (500) Days of Summer jumped 49 spots from 81 to 21
Highest debut – The Avengers at 30
Biggest on chart drop – The Lion King dropped 57 from 22 to 79. Masterminds and Star Trek also fell hard, but not as hard as…
Biggest drop off chart – Gladiator dropped off completely from 29. Slumdog Millionaire also disappeared from 32
17 new appearances. 5 of which are new releases from the past two years. 5 can thank the recent mini projects for their reevaluation.

Honoroable mentions (films that almost made the list): Stay, Little Miss Sunshine, Scream, Apt Pupil, Beginners

And here we go!”

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