“Nearing the end of #rothtober. With today, we reach the final film in Eli’s list of favorites that he wishes that mainstream audiences had seen. Pieces.

Before we get to this one, two nights ago I rewatched Rock of Ages. Roth has a quick cameo as the director for the Z Guyeezz music video. Thought of including it in the project, but between the small role and the completely different tone, I left it out. But now I’m mentioning it for good measure.

As thus we move on to what Roth describes as “”the most fun you can have watching a movie””. He states that it’s a lot of fun, over the top, and gratutious. Yep. Here we’ve got a slasher movie about a serial killer on a college campus that cuts up coeds with a chainsaw. Roth recommends you watch this movie with a group of friends while drunk. Kinda wish I’d taken him up on that.

Part of the fun and the charm of the movie is how low budget it is. You can see the actor move his knife to the side so he doesn’t actually stab the victim in the head, before a cheap cutaway shot to the knife sticking out of her head. For example. I find those types of details strangely endearing. I’m \m/ in the head. We know.”

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