The Last Exorcism

“Expletive Dleted is starting to get a lil bit of traction on Facebook. Have you liked the page yet? For those of you just tuning in, now’s a good chance for me to point out that my write ups are closer to blog posts than critiques. My reviews, or write ups as I prefer to call them, tend to be really personal and anecodtal. I’m trying to start a conversation, not dictate what you should and should not see. I’m not an authority, just a fan, a stance that a lot of legit critiques don’t tend to share. Takes the fun outta it if you ask me.

Right, so #rothtober is nearly done. Today’s journey brings us to The Last Exoricsm, a film that Eli Roth produced. The premise is kinda cool. You’ve got a preacher man who’s been performing exorcisms for some time, but has decided to stop due to reports of people, especially children, dying as the result of these practices. He agrees to have a film crew film his final exoricism so he can expose it for the scam that it is. But of course, things dont quite turn out as planned.

To be completely honest, I kinda zoned out once things started to get interesting. To some extent, its because I knew there wasn’t gonna be as much plot, just action, but mostly my distraction is not the fault of the film. Just had other things running thru my head. This is why I try to watch as much as I can in the theater instead of at home. Less shiny things to play with.

A notable tidbit about this movie that makes it recognizable among all the many other movies from the past few years with “”exorcism”” in the title, is the physicality of our lead actress Ashley Bell. Yes, she really is contorting herself that much. It’s not CGI, just a really flexy, double jointed ballerina.”

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