Who Can Kill A Child?

“It’s getting colder and darker outside. Tis the season to be spooky. Ergo, tis the season for #Rothtober. Going into one of Eli Roth’s favorites. What draws him to this (besides the carnage with the bright, thick, paint-like blood I assume) is the dilemma that our protagonists are faced with. Quick plot recap: a couple vacationing in Spain comes across a small island that seems deserted. Turns out, it’s populated with a \m/ton of kids. Kids who have gotten rid of all the adults. And by gotten rid of, I mean *slides finger across neck*. Killed ’em. Right so the dilemma. You’ve got these vicious kids attacking you, but you don’t wanna hurt them because they’re kids, but the kids are gonna kill you. What do ya do?

I know there’s some people out there who are creeped out by kids. If that’s you, don’t watch this movie. Just don’t. The kids have a human piñata for \m/ sake. When the film started, there was a documentary-like narration describing the effect various wars have had on children. It was interspersed with creepy children singing. Yeesh.

The concept of the movie was really intriguing, but I thought it dragged. The build up was kinda slow, so by the time we really got going, I’d already lost interest. It did however get my complete undivided for the last few minutes of the film. Whoa it was messed up. That’s why I’m loving #rothtober”