“I’ve got a friend visiting this weekend, so I took the day off so we could hang. He ended up getting sucked into other plans for most of the day, which left me with time enough to catch a movie. Fine by me.

This gave me a chance to go see Frankenweenie. I love all things Tim Burton, so it’s no surprise that this was my highest priority movie. Sadly, this is not the best year to be Tim Burton. Dark Shadows was a bit of a disappointment. Frankenweenie didn’t fare all that much better.

Conceptually, it was really cute. I’d seen the original short some time ago. I dont remember much except a few key images that were replicated. But the movie did try to expand some of the details to fill out 90 min instead of 30. Unfortunately it kinda dragged and dragged. There wasn’t too much new story added so what was there was stretched pretty thin.

I did love the new supporting characters, in particular Edgar and Weird Girl. Each of the classmates looked like they came straight outta a different classic horror flick. And of course, there was classic Tim Burton style characters. It’s just still a lot more of the same. I know this man has some brilliance in him, so I’m hoping that some of his next work displays it a bit better.

Frankenweenie – \m/ \m/ \n

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