Death Proof

“Starting to wonder if this whole horror marathon is a good idea. Before the previously seen and blogged Cabin Fever and Audition, I had a weekendlong marathon of American Horror Story. I thought yesterday would have been a break from the genre, until I ended up watching Session 9. Yeah, my dreams have been weird the past few nights, and we’re just getting the \m/ party started.

We’ve had overlap between projects before: faves on the AFI list, an AFI on the Tarantino/Rodriguez project, Edward Norton movies on my fave list. Here’s our first overlap between mini projects. Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof features Mr Roth in front of the camera, and this won’t be the last time the two buddy up. I wrote up some general thoughts on the movie already, so here we’ll just chat about Eli.

He’s got a bit part as one of the guys in the bar that’s trying to hook up with our first pack of girls. His hopeful conquest is played by Jordan Ladd, who he conveniently already knows from working on Cabin Fever. Not a whole lot going on for him here, since the focus of the movie really is the girls and Stuntman Mike, but he does have some fun dialog. There’s the Shanna/Banana/Shauna/Banauna thing, and him laying out his alcohol infused plan to get the girls to drop their no-boys-at-the-lakehouse rule.

While I’d classify this movie as creepy, but not necessarily horror, there are a few bits of guts and gore that fit right up his alley (car crash, anoyone?). Yup.”

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