“I have been so incredibly excited for this movie. I’ll skip the I’ve-been-a-fan-of-JGL-since-3rd-Rock gushing, but the constant trailers and promos for this flick made me so incredibly impatient. The premise had me beyond intrigued. Bad guys send their targets back in time to be killed by assassins called “”loopers””, and one such looper is sent his future self to kill.

I can’t elaborate too much lest I risk spoilage, but I will say it was totally worth the wait. And the story went a lot further than just the assassin trying to catch the assassee. What really struck me was how antagonistic future-looper and present-looper were towards each other. You’d think that someone wouldn’t wanna kill their future selfs, but no not so much. Half of the time you forgot that they were supposta be the same person.

Speaking of being the same person, they did an incredible job making Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like Bruce Willis. I’ll admit I hadn’t been originally sold on it. The images and trailers didn’t really convince me, but what was missing from those snapshotswas JGL’s mannerisms and expressions. He def adopted a few smirks and looks of skepticism that Bruce has, and the resemblance was uncanny. Reminded me of how back when Superman Returns came out, people commented on how Brandon Routh looked so much like Christopher Reeves. Could not see it at all in the trailers, but one of scene of the lovable doof fumbling around the Daily Planet and I could totally see it.

I’m somewhat of a snob when it comes to time travel storylines. The whole change the past vs fulfill the past. I think the paradox was handled well. Things would get altered, memories would get fuzzy, it worked. There was some other sci-fi-ness in there as well, but I liked discovering its rules as the movie progressed, so I wont go into it now. I know, not my most comprehensive review, but just believe me when I say this movie was pretty freaking awesome!

Looper – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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