“Ahhh, my favorite way to spend an otherwise uneventful Sunday afternoon: doubling up at the movies. Over the course of the summer, Dredd had fallen off my priority radar. The trailers and publicity were kinda minimal, or at least I wasn’t seeing it. I feared it was another remake gone bad, or at least unnecessary *cough*cough*Total*Recall*cough*. But then in the past week the buzz I was hearing was increasingly good. Sure, what the heck. Dark and bloody, violent and a lil messed up. Oh yeah, totally gets my stamp of approval.

Scheduling wise, the 2D showing worked better. At this point, I’m jaded enough with 3D that I don’t seek it out. This is one of those rare occassions where I kinda wish I had paid the extra 3 bucks. Some scenes, particularly the drug induced ones, had me really curious as to what they would have looked like. Here’s a good chance to throw out the obligatory: no I am not familiar with the comics, and no I have not seen the Stallone version.

I dont really know what specifics I can write about this one. I def got a bit of a Raid:Redemption vibe from it, just because it was good guys attacking a big freaking building full of baddies to get to the biggest bad at the top. You had an uncompromising and badass Dredd played by Karl Urban (I really did not know he had this side to him, but I loved it) and the telepathic rookie he was assessing, Olivia Thirlby. They were taking down ganglord Ma-Ma, played by one of the toughest cookies in Hollywood, tv’s Sarah Connor and Cersei Lannister Lena Headey. It was nonstop, fast paced, with intriguing characters and lots of blood. Anything else I gotta say?

Dredd – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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