ExpDel Mini Project Announcement: Eli Roth #ROTHTOBER

“All has been quiet on the Expletive Dleted front for the past couple weeks. Several reasons for that. Caught between the end of summer blockbuster season and the beginning of fall awards season, September tends to be a graveyard for dumping movies that wouldn’t likely fare too well a few weeks earlier or later. Now, normally, I’ll still go to a bunch of those anyways, but to complicate matters I sorta messed up my knee again. That means crutches which means I’m only leaving the apartment for things I’m really excited about. Among those things I was really excited about, I spent last Saturday at an Indiana Jones marathon at the common. 4 movies, 9 hours, 1 sitting is certainly a lot, even for me. It was still a total blast, getting to actually pay attention to the movies and seeing them all prettied up in high def. But enough of that. Time to get to announcing the next ExpDel mini project: #Rothtober!

Here’s someone who’s done it all: writing, directing, producing, acting. And somewhere along the way he managed to redefine the horror genre. Figured he’d be a fitting study for the month of October. The list includes his major work as well as some of his favorites. I found a great video of him on Rotten Tomatoes talking about some of his favorite movies that you’ve never seen, and given that I hadn’t seen any of them, I thought it’d be fun to add them to the list. They sound just as \m/ as anything that’s come out of his head, so it’ll be cool to see how some of those ideas got there to begin with.

#Rothtober starts in ten days!”

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