“When there’s a movie getting really good buzz, with a really messed up looking trailer, that’s only gonna be playing for a week at the Kendall, that’s when it gets bumped to the top of my priority list. Hello, Compliance.

The premise: guy prank calls a fast food joint, claiming to be a cop. Says an employee stole money, talks the manager into helping with the investigation/interrogation. Things get real. Oh yeah, and its inspired by true events. *shudder*

I walked out of there feeling incredibly creeped out. I’m very much a goodie goodie. I dont like being in trouble. I hate that feeling I get in my chest on those rare occassions where I am in trouble. This movie evoked those feelings. The “”cop”” is accusing our poor fast food counter teen queen, and the poor thing can’t defend herself. Everything she says gets shot down, as he threatens her with jail and other big bads.

And then things start to really go downhill. The things this guy is requesting to be done in the name of the investigation get darker and darker and just plain old wrong. You stare in disbelief wondering how much farther it could possibly go. And how stupid are these people, really?

That was the thought that nearly killed it. How \m/ dumb are these people talking to the “”cop””? Sure, he talked a big game, but none of this seemed strange to any of them? A cop is really gonna ask a civilian to strip search a suspect? He’s got the regional manager on the other line the whole time, but never conferences him in? The whole time? Who really identified the emmployee first? Her work clothes have forensic evidence? Do any of them understand any of their rights? Apparently not.

Either way, I love it when a movie evokes such an intense emotional reaction, and this one certainly did that.

Compliance – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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