“I am determined to have this project wrapped this weekend. Was having too much fun this past week to leave time for blogging.

Shorts. Another foray into family film by Robert Rodriguez. A few things in common with his other kid flicks: all star cast of adults (Jon Crier, Leslie Mann, James Spader, William H Macy), overly childish and fanciful storyline, very authentic kids. Oh and there’s the little things like the Great White Bites cereal. On the spectrum of movies we’ve seen already, we’re somewhere just behind Spy Kids 2. The idea is cute, but it’s still a little too childish.

This time around, you have some kids who find a wishing rock. They wish for things. Shennannigans happen. Things go horribly wrong. Shorts has a double meaning. THe story is broken up into pieces, or shorts, focusing on different characters. And also, it’s a kids movie. Kids are short.

As a result of this movie, I can’t see any reference to Helvetica and NOT hear Helvetica Black’s theme song. Yeah what?”

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