Sin City

“Yep another one that made it to my favorites. Big \m/ surprise. For the record, I also think that this was the first one I ever saw at the Regal Fenway, though it may not have been Regal at that point. After the movie, at least one member of the posse had a wicked craving for meat because of all the blood. I still chuckle to myself everytime I pass by the steakhouse we dined at following the flick.

I already gushed over the stunning visual and the phenomenal cast when I previously wrote this up. No sense in repeating myself. But there’ve been a lot of (mostly) comic/graphic novel movies that have tried to replicate the feel or the effects, and none have even come close. However you may feel about the violence (which I for one really love) you can’t argue that this movie isn’t a true work of art. I still can’t get over how gorgeous it is, and God only knows how many times I’ve seen this movie.

While this one is mostly Rodriguez’ film (with incredibly significant from author Frank Miller), Tarantino had a hand in it as well. He’s responsible for directing the scene where Clive Owen’s Dwight is conversing with the human Pez dispenser remains of Benicio Del Toro’s Jackie Boy. I’d heard it was because RR was having trouble getting the scene right, but I’m not finding any further evidence to back that up. The real story is that QT paid RR to score Kill Bill, so to return the favor, RR paid QT a buck to direct this scene. It served as a chance for QT to work with RR’s preferred HD camera instead of his usual film. Also, being able to add another director credit to the film was a way of taking a jab at the Director’s Guild of America.

Yeah about that. The whole DGA thing. Rodriguez wanted to credit Frank Miller as a director since the storyboards were frames from the original graphic novel, and he was around and helpful during filming. But you know how unions are. They didn’t allow it. So Rodriguez turned in his DGA card.”

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