Once Upon a Time in Mexico

“Back freshman year at MIT, I noticed a bunch of my hallmates (mostly the guys) rounding up people to catch a movie. I had nothing else to do, so I figured I’d tag along. I hadn’t been to the movies yet in Boston, so I wanted to check it out (this was before I began obsesively attending as many flicks as possible). It was my first trip to the Loews Boston Common, which would become my home theater until I discovered the Regal Fenway. The movie was Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and I knew nothing about it except that it was maybe an action movie and it might involve Johnny Depp. I freakin’ loved it! Oh and the Mexi-CAN line was heard directed at me throughout the hall for a few weeks following.

No surprise. We know I love action movies, and Rodriguez really has a handle on the genre. I’d elaborate, but I’d really just be repeating myself on what I’ve previously said about him. But its just such campy, over the top goodness.

We’ve got plenty of Rodiguez Regulars in this one: Antonio, Danny, Cheech, Salma, plus a few new faces: Johnny Depp, Eva Mendez, Mickey Rourke, Willem Dafoe, and even Enrique Iglesias. Sure, its a lot of the same that we saw in Desperado, but it’s a fan-\m/-tastic same. I love how as the legend of el Mariachi gets bigger, the movies get bigger. The opening dreamish/flashback sequence of the last movie pretty much set the pace for this one, and the opening sequence here is ten times bigger than its predecessor. And with some bigger, heftier names behind the bad guy roles, they’re a lot more developed and central to the story, than just being out there as antagonists. Once again, El has two buddies to round out his trio, but these guys also do a bit more than just take a few shots and die.”

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