Spy Kids 3D – Game Over

“Oh the curse of the threequel. Very very few threepeats are capable of standing up to their original. Sadly, the Spy Kids franchise is not one of those precious few.

The idea behind this one is kinda cool. In an attempt to try and take the Spy Kids somewhere new, they get stuck inside a video game. And this was in 3D before the hype of 3D (which unfortunatley means red/blue 3D but hey it’s a novelty). Something about the execution is just bad.

The band is all back together, and Rodriguez is adding even more friends to the mix. George Clooney comes back for a bit. Sylvester Stallone is a new addition. Salma Hayek and Elijah Wood find their way in. And of course, all of our Spy Kid family.

This movie feels like Tron (original, not Legacy), the way they manuever thru the game. Of course, it’s a more modern game. But you’ve still got the rough child acting, and the scenery chewing adults. While Rodriguez is a genius with the visual aspects of a screenplay, lets just say he could still learn some dialogue techniques from his buddy Tarantino.

Of course, I am losing focus. This is supposta be a kids movie, and the kids eat this stuff up. For example, Sly took the role after consulting with his kids who turned out to be Spy Kid fans.

Holy Kevin Flynn, Batman, this really is Tron Jr! Not sure if that means this gains homage points or loses rip off points.”

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