Natural Born Killers

“Natural Born Killers only halfway counts as a Quentin Tarantino movie. I wouldn’t say he wrote the screenplay for the film. I’d say he wrote A screenplay for the film. So he wrote a screenplay, then sold it, and then it got massively rewritten by Oliver Stone (who directed) and a couple others to where it was virtually unrecognizable. Officially, Tarantino’s credit is listed as “”story by”” instead of “”screenplay by””. While the trip-tastic style may say Stone, the underlying story screams Tarantino.

Killers is one of the most controversially violent movies to ever come outta Hollywood. And it’s a totaly mind \m/. Just for that alone, I should absolutely love it. But its just a little too weird. It’s tough to jump into the story and follow it at first, so you’re kinda lost by the end. Maybe I just need to sit down and watch when I got zero else going on. I can appreciate some of the style, the constant motion, the lack of straight on camera angles, the superimposed scenes, the animation. I get that the inconsistency should feel like the trip our “”heroes”” (in every opposite sense of the word) Mickey and Mallory are constantly on, but its a bit much.

What I do love is the cast. I utterly adore Woody Harrelson, which I think I say every time I talk about him here. He’s got that perfect combination of badass, kooky, and sweet that just is Mickey. I have mixed feelings about Juliet Lewis in general, but Mallory is a good fit for her. She’s tough as nails, blind with passion, and totally off her \m/ rocker. was kinda surprised to see Robert Downey Jr. I feel like I should have known he was in this, but then again, it was pre-Iron Man when I first saw this movie. Tommy Lee Jones was another surprise. This performance is definitely more on the Two Face end of the spectrum for his career.

While I can see the argument that this glorifies violence, I feel it’s too stylized and over the top to be taken seriously. Maybe I’m just desensitized to such things.”

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