Reservoir Dogs

“When Mr Rodriguez was whisked off to Sundance for the premier of his breakout flick, El Mariachi, there was another filmmaker whose big movie was about to debut at the same festival: Mr Quentin Tarantino with Reservoir Dogs. The two met at the fest, and their collaborative bromance was born. Tarantino’s original plan for the film was very similar to what Rodriguez did with El Mariachi: kinda DIY, incredibly low budget, relying on friends and favors. But then somehow the script ended up in the hands of Harvey Keitel, who we now know as Mr White, and who also served as a producer. And the rest is history.

Reservoir Dogs is prolly my favorite Tarantino film, but that is not a distinction I make lightly. I love so many of his movies, that it really feels like Sophie’s Choice picking a fave. I choose Dogs because it’s gritty, dirty, and tough. The dialogue is snappy and raw. The blood flows freely. Im equally afraid and in awe of the characters. You want more info, just check out what I wrote about Dogs for my Top 100 project.

While Dogs may not have done well at the box office on its initial release, it’s been such an influence on indie film. Yeah, it may have taken the mainstream time to warm up to it, but you see echoes of its style in any heist or bad guy drama that’s come out since.”

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