Safety Not Guaranteed

“Mother \m/ it is hot out there today. There is only one solution for a free evening when your central air-less stuffy apartment is all you’ve got to look forward to: escape to the movies. Being pretty much caught up, I decided to chance it on Safety Not Guaranteed. It looked interesting, but seemed to lack that “”it factor”” that upped it on my list. But I figured the cool comfort of the air conditioned Kendal Sq Cinema was worth the price of admission. Grabbed one of their amazing but expensive Slurpee knock offs and settled in. Totally worth it.

I dont think I’ve ever used the word “”uplifting”” to describe a movie (waaaaay too hokey for my vocab) but that’s exactly the word that came to mind. I can’t remember when I last left a theater so happy. And not just a that-movie-rocked kinda happy, but genuinely happy with the outcome and the characters. Total escapism at its best.

The premise was wonderfully quirky, and I loved our leading players. If you know me, then it’s no surprise how much I related to Aubrey Plaza’s Darius. Her dark clothes and thick eyeliner. The deadpan sarcasm. The rejection issues. The complete surrender to her silly side. I was on her side from her first pointedly exasperated glare at the camera. And Mark Duplass as Kenneth was such a sweetheart and so adorable. I didnt for a minute think of him as crazy. I thought of him as a peer, someone I wanted to have fun with.

Yes, parts of the story were predictable, but they still managed to unfold in a way that kept you guessing. I’m also noticing a trend with how a lot of these movies (particularly indies) are concluding. I wont go into the uber spoilery discussion, but this isn’t the first one I’ve seen this year that follows the general theme (Sound of my Voice comes to mind). I think I’m liking this.

Safety Not Guaranteed – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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