“Little over a month, and we’re at the end of the Edward Norton project. So much easier doing a quick one like this instead of a 100 movie project. I’ve already got the next couple planned out. Just gotta take a few days to get my purchase queue down and let theatre stuff settled before moving on.

Kinda sad that we gotta end it on this note. I justify all of the other movies Ed’s done that I may not care for, but this one I can’t really make excuses for. It’s a bad movie. I said as much when I saw it. I blame DeNiro, though. He hasn’t been good at picking movies this century.

I said it before, but I can see why Norton would be drawn to this movie. It’s a great character role, but a serious character role, not a comedic one. While he’s played conflicted jailbird or soon to be jailbird before, here he really is someone who deserves the time behind bars. Add in the dialect and mannerisms and cornrows (oh yes, there’s cornrows) and it’s a much different character than we’ve seen before. If only the rest of the movie was better.”

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