Leaves of Grass

“Can you honestly say you’ve heard of this movie before today? If I wasn’t such an avid Edward Norton fan, I prolly wouldnt have. It only played in a limited run in select theaters. Didnt even make it to Boston. Such a shame because it’s a great one. I actually considred it for my bday movie night this past year, but then Tucker & Dale came along.

In Leaves of Grass, Edward Norton plays a dual role of completely unidentical twins Brady and Bill. One is a clean cut college professor, the other is a redneck pot dealer. The good brothers gets lured into a scheme to rescue the other from some trouble with the drug lords, and it all goes to hell from there. Dark with a touch of comedy, just the way I like it.

The two characters couldnt be any more different, and Norton masterfully turns up the contrast. Between the accents, the attitudes, the appearances, all different. But not too different. He’s still able to establish a familial relationship, with himself. Kind of a very fine line when you think about it. He needs to create two characters that are distinct enough that you can keep them separate, but same enough that you still believe they’re family. Even if it’s estranged family.”

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