Pride and Glory

“Pretty much every actor’s gotta have the “”cop drama”” on his resume. Here’s Edward Norton’s. Another one on the list I dont remember much from. Cops. Colin Farrell. A standoff in a convenience store. A poolhall fight. Guess Ima hafta pay attention to this one.

I do hafta say, Im loving all the Spanish he speaks. Yeah, he’s got a gringo accent, but he’s otherwise got a pretty good command on the language. This is another where he’s combining tough, smart, and vulnerable. He always manages to get the mix right, but I’ve found he’s more impressive or at least more memorable when he’s closer to one edge or the other. Or maybe it’s just that this movie is a little thin, so he doesnt have as much to work with.

The whole cop drama thing is so overdone. Crooked cops. Conflicted cops. Crazy cops. Careless cops. Calculating cops. We’ve seen it all. This one doesnt really add much to the mix.

Yeah so much for paying more attention. I’ve spent the past hour scouring YouTube for that Brave trailer that has The Dollyrots “”Because I’m Awesome””. I still can’t find it.”

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