“I’m hungry, and I dont have much time before the Tony awards tonight, so Ima just dive right in.

To use yet again one of my overused phrases “”I wanted to like this movie. I really did””. I’m not particularly familiar with the Alien franchise. I’ve seen them all, but I was distracted. If I recall correctly, I think I was watching them while working from home recovering from gall bladder surgery two years ago. That also factors in my mom puttering around the apt, so I really wasn’t in any state to give my full undivided. But of course, what kind of pop culture maniac would I be if I didnt at least know about the chest busting alien and recognize it when it was parodied?

My whole point there is halfway moot because Ridley Scott was being guarded about whether or not this was in fact a prequel of some sorts. I think the verdict from the early buzz was that it was in the same universe and had some strands of the franchise, but wasn’t exactly a prequel. It’s actually rather genius marketing when you think about it, especially since its been so long since we’ve last visited this story. Giving the impression that it is related gets the fanboys and such jazzed. But not explicitly stating doesn’t alienate (see what I did there) your younger generation of movie goers. It’s assurance that you can still follow and enjoy the movie if you dont know the history.

Right so, wanted to love it because I do love scifi and even if I dont know Alien(s) that well, I have mad respect for the franchise. Didnt end up loving it much, mostly due to the pacing. It was slow. Took a bit too long to establish the background and get going. Some details were a bit confusing, and the 3D wasn’t adding too much. Once we did get the ball rolling, it was kinda cool. There were scattered scenes I really enjoyed, it just felt like we took a \m/ long time to get to ’em each time.

What I did love was Michael Fassbender as the android David. I would have been perfectly happy to have 2 hours of just the David show. His expressions and childlike wonder were fantastic. I was amused with how he’d keep on showing up to assist in some different capacity. I always found some reason to light up and smile when he appeared. We also could have used a bit more Charlize Theron. I kinda liked her cold woman in charge character. I’d heard she was originally meant to play Noomi Rapace’s role, but scheduling and other factors changed things around. I found that knowledge a bit distracting since anytime they were in the room together, it’d trigger me to picture Rapace’s lines repeated by Theron. I think the casting was fine as it was. Ridley Scott does know how to make his girls bad ass.

Prometheus – \m/ \m/ \n

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