Down in the Valley

“I remember pretty much zero about Down in the Valley. I remember running in the rain from my dorm room to the nearest indie theater the day I noticed this was playing. I dont know if I’d even bothered to watch the trailer before I left. I was beyond soaked, and had my jacket drying out in the seat next to me. As far as the movie, I just remember Edward Norton is a cowboy and he’s got a kinda sketchy relationship with Evan Rachel Wood (does she ever have a relatoinship that’s not inappropriate, on film or otherwise?). I’d totally forgotten about Rory Culkin until the opening credits. Oh yeah David Morse as the dad. Vague recollection of that. Guess it’ll be like the first watch all over again, even though I think it’s my third.

OhMyGee itty bitty Hunter Parrish with long shaggy Zac Hanson hair, and Google fails me for finding a picture.

Right. Edward Norton blog. We’re kinda reaching an interesting part in his career. After having a bunch of roles that had some core similarities, he went for a string of unique characters, such as his cowboy, Harlan. He plays the western gentlemen so well, but you can just see the hint of something else lurking beneath the surface. You wanna get swept up by his char, but for some unknown reason you’re just a bit uneasy about it. Just when you think this movie’s gonna be sappy it gets dark quick. Something about it feels a little off though. I think maybe it’s that the girl gets on my nerves. She’s not very smart, and this whole thing could have easily been avoided. She’s like the Kim Bauer of the movie.”

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