The Italian Job

“The Italian Job is the last overlap of the Edward Norton project with my Top 100 project. The other write up has a lot about why I love that movie. Also worth noting that this is the first movie I went to see in theaters because of Norton. He’d just become my fave, and this being the first release he had after that, I was there on opening day while everyone else was at Finding Nemo.

While I love this movie immensely, Edward Norton did get kind of a bum deal here. Contractual obligations forced him to do it, and he certainly made the best with his role. Alas, as far as evil villains go, this one’s not particularly memorable. The goal with heist movies is you want the good guys to be so relatable that you forget they’re engaging in crime. Mission’s certainly accomplished for our (relative) heroes, but that leaves Norton with the short end of the stick. With what we saw from him in Rounders and The Score, he’s got so much more potential. So sad it wasn’t fully utilized, which is in no way his fault. This movie was a springboard for so many other careers (Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham, Charlize Theron), there just wasn’t enough attention to go around I guess”

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