“I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this one. I’ve only seen it once, when I bought it to add to the Edward Norton collection. I’d found it boring at the time. So I’m kinda excited to give it a second chance, but also not too optimistic. I do remember part of my disappointment was that Norton was in it for a few minutes, but there’s a lot more to this film that I’m in a much better place to appreciate now. For one, I had no idea that this was directed by Julie Taymor. That explains how this is such a stylish movie. And we just had a scene with Diego Luna, whom I adore. My God, just watching it now, I really do see Ms Taymor’s fingerprints all over the place.

But of course, this movie is all about the beautifully stunning Salma Hayek, which earned her a much deserved Oscar nomination. Alfred Molina is quite impressive too.

Yet this blog project is about Edward Norton. Even if he has little more than a glorified cameo, sprinkled into 15 minutes of run time, he still gives it his all. I for one would be interested to see him in a Rockefeller biopic. With just a few lines he does manage to convey such character and conviction. Maybe if he had more than 15 min I’d like this movie a lot more.”

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