Keeping the Faith

“Another repeat with my Top 100. Although I didnt write too much then, so I guess I actually do have some work to do here.

Edward Norton actually directed this one as well as starring in it. A lot of actors talk about wanting to give directing a try some day, and he got there much quicker than most. I’d like to see him do this again.

When you think about Edward Norton as an actor, you usually think of him as one of the great dramatic actors of our time. I mean c’mon, any of the movies I’ve discussed so far are prime examples of that. You rarely ever think of him as a comedic actor, but Keeping The Faith shows that he does have it in him. And I really like seeing this side of him. True, its his intensity with the dramatic that has won me over, but he has so much fun in this type of movie that he’s truly a joy to watch. I’d actually be curious to see what he’d do in a Will Ferrell movie. I think that should be his next step.

On the surface Keeping the Faith is marketed as a rom com, but ultimately it’s more of a bromance. The third piece of the love triangle doesn’t come into play until halfway thru, but the hetero life mate chemestry between Edward Norton and Ben Stiller is so cool. I want to be Anna, not to be the object of their affection, but to be able to hang out with them. And also cause she’s pretty bad ass as far as leading ladies in this type of movie go.”

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