Fight Club

“The movie that started it all for me. I knew nothing about Edward Norton before watching this movie. I’d seen Death to Smoochy, but at the time that was all about Robin Williams for me. The dude playing the rhino didn’t register. I obsessed over Fight Club, which led to my previously mentioned buddy’s suggestion of “”You should watch Primal Fear. It has that guy from Fight Club””. Fight Club is also my favoritest movie ever, after Aladdin. So yeah, I already have a write up done from that project. I swear there’s only a couple more repeats and then I’ll have some more hard core blogging to do here.

Again, most of my thoughts on the movie in general are on the previous write up. It’s just such an important film for me personally. It highlights and satirizes some of my biggest life philosophies. It’s a movie that makes me think. I can’t go a week without finding some random excuse to quote this movie, and that’s a very conservative time guess. It’s prolly way shorter than that.

While Brad Pitt is usually the first association with this movie (duh, Tyler Durden) Edward Norton’s performance here is stellar. He’s taken a lot of the vulnerability we’ve seen with his earlier work, but adds this attitude we haven’t yet seen from the man. You watch his character’s confidence grow and see the transformation in everything from his physicality and appearance to his interactions and assertions.”

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