Primal Fear

“First movie on the Edward Norton mini project and we’ve already got our first repeat with my Top 100. There’ll be a few of those. Although there wont be any overlap with AFI on this one, but I do forsee a possible double overlap with the subject of the next planned mini project. Lips sealed.

Even though there’ll be some redundancy, the focus on these posts will be Mr Norton. That said, he is prolly factor number one that put Primal Fear on my fave list. I said it then, and I’ll say it again now. This is the movie that made him my favorite actor. In high school, right as my interest in movie started to ramp up, I was talking with one of my so called friends. He knew I had just recently become obsessed with Fight Club, and he had just stumbled on Primal Fear. He told me the full plot, including the twist and the ending. I ran straight to Blockbuster as soon as school let out that day.

We all know I play by the rules, so I wont do what he did and spoil it for you. Unfortunately, it really is kinda impossible to fully describe this movie or gush over Norton’s performance without it. But what I can talk about is his stuttering shy altar boy, Aaron Stampler, accused of violently murdering the archbishop of Chicago. Such a vulnerable and desperate performance from someone who would become such a powerhouse actor. Did I mention that this was his first film role? That according to IMDB trivia, he beat out over 2100 other actors? And that it scored him his first (of two so far) Academy Award nominations (this went to Cuba Gooding Jr for Jerry Maguire)?

Any time I’m discussing movies, which is kinda often, and the subject of Edward Norton comes up, also kinda often, my first question as soon as the subject is breached is “”have you seen Primal Fear?””. From there, the conversation can go one of two ways. If no, I essentially repeat everything I’ve told you so far about the movie. If yes, it turns into a Norton love fest, and while I’ve found a friend for life, any outsider in the conversation usually walks away.”

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