Mini Project: Edward Norton

“It has been way too \m/ long since I finished the last ExpDel side project, where I blogged thru my Top 100. Speaking of, I need to review and revise that list, but that’s beside the point. I decided after spending nearly 8 months on that and even more on the AFI 100 Years 100 Movies project, that I should look at smaller scale things. That way it’s not so daunting of a time commitment. I can get thru a project, catch up on my inevitably large unwatched movie queue that results, and start up the next one when I know I’ll have time for it (read: not before a show I’m in opens). For these smaller projects I’ll pick an actor or a director or maybe a sizeable franchise and blog thru them. So we’ll be more on the scale of 20 instead of 100 to get thru.

For the first project, we’ll be looking at my favorite actor, Edward Norton, going chronologically thru all his many roles throughout his career. I’m just focusing on his movies, though if Hulu has some of his tv guest spots, I may throw those in as a bonus. If you were too lazy to click on the IMDB link, here’s what we’re in for in order:
-Primal Fear
-The People Vs Larry Flynt
-Everyone Says I Love You
-American History X
-Fight Club
-Keeping the Faith
-THe Score
-Death to Smoochy
-Red Dragon
-25th Hour
-The Italian Job
-Kingdom of Heaven
-Down in the Valley
-The Illusionist
-The Painted Veil
-The Incredible Hulk
-Pride and Glory
-The Invention of Lying
-Leaves of Grass
There’s a few I haven’t seen in a while, so I’m kinda excited to revist them. Also he’s got a couple coming out this summer, so I’ll def be including those as part of my usual keeping up with the recent stuff blogging. One last note, as with my top 100, I’ll be live blogging-ish as opposed to waiting until its all over.

And here we go!”

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