“I know my movie addiction is horrible. I dont even make excuses for it. I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep that comes with doing musical theater, and yet I insist on running across town for a late-ish movie that will get me home right at bed time on a school night, just because I dont wanna risk missing it. Oh yeah, I saw this on Tue, just playing catch up now.

Even though some of his recent choices have been questionable, I’ll follow Jason Statham to any movie, particularly if it looks action-y. I live for that genre, and he is my present go-to star for my adrenaline fix. The fact that there were no less than three trailers before the movie that featured Bruce Willis boded well. Was that an accurate harbinger of goodness to come? Eh.

Statham really made a name for himself in the genre with Transporter, and from there peaked with Crank. Since then, nothing’s really excited me in quite the same way. At least Safe wasn’t a disappointment like a few I’m sure he’d prefer to wipe from his resume. It just didnt seem to bring anything new to the table. Yeah we got the gritty style with the no holds barred attitude the boy is known for, but nothing dazzled. The story felt contrived. There were no real risks.

It’s only been a couple of days since I saw this, and I’m totally blanking on anything worth discussing. That says a whole lot on its own. I did enjoy the ride while on it, but clearly it didnt stay with me. The one standout was the little girl, Mei, played by Catherine Chan. She wasn’t your cute-sy little princess in distress. This girl’s attitude was all business, which was kinda refreshing. I liked that she thought about things rather than just cowering and going with the flow. That’s a lot more than I can say for lots of leading ladies in action movies who may be twice her age (I’m looking at you, Megan Fox in Transformers!)

Safe – \m/ \m/ \m/

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