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“I’ve been rereading a lot of my old blog posts. I noticed that I really need to \m/ proofread those things. As a rule, or more out of laziness, I never read over them before posting. So there’s a lot of really stupid mistakes that I find embarassing later (although I’m sure no one particularly cares). Also, I noticed that I have A LOT of phrases that I use waaaaaay too much. “”Needless to say”” is the one that’s been particularly annoying.

Enjoying what will be my last free weekend until Urinetown. I’d been meaning to get to Jeff Who Lives at Home for a couple weeks, but kept on putting it off. The dwindling movie times for it tell me that this prolly is my last chance. My only real interest in seeing this is my love for Jason Segel, but the trailer didnt really impress me. Turns out, my instinct was kinda right.

It kinda felt like each of our main characters was pulled from a different movie and just stuck together into this one. It didnt work. I did love Jason Segel’s Jeff: the 30 year old man child obsessed with Shyamalan’s Signs who tries to find meaning in everything and is generally trying to be a good and decent person. But while the focus was on him early on, it was kinda slow and awkward. Then when the focus shifted to his brother, he seemed out of place. I really wish I could have seen this guy in a different movie, with a better plot where he could be more utilized. I’d almost wanna put him in a stoner comedy, but I’d fear he’d lose some of his sincerity.

Next you have Ed Helms’ Pat. I’m a fan of Helms, but I did not like his character here at all. Half the time he was an annoying ass, the other half he was just dull. None of the time did I find him sympathetic. I just couldnt believe the way he treated his wife early or, or how he treated anyone for that matter. While I appreciate when actors try to get out of their comfort zones, I do much prefer him with comedic material. And I would have prefered his story taking a backseat to Segel’s Jeff.

And then there’s Susan Sarandon. I have nothing but mad mad respect for her. I was into her secret-admirer-at-the-office storyline, but I dont see how it really fit with the rest of the film. I guess it was there to give her depth and establish character beyond her interactions, but she especially felt like she came from the wrong movie. Even when everything got resolved, I still didnt quite get how she fit.

So the movie is only 83 min long, acc to IMDB, but it felt way longer (and not just cause I was hungry). Never a good thing. Maybe if Segel and Sarandon were put into separate films and Helms was just left out completely, we’d be better off.

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