Friends with Kids

“Had hoped to squish this movie into last weekend, but the stars didnt quite align, by which I mean my schedule didn’t quite match up with my movie buddy’s availability. That was further complicated by me having rehearsal for Urinetown every day. Oh yeah, I’m working on a musical. Again. I usually manage to at least keep up with movies, and I’m gonna try my damnest to do write ups on all of ’em. Though admittedly this one’s a bit late. In order to catch said movie with said buddy that meant staying up past my bedtime for a post-rehearsal later than normal showtime. And I sure as hell wasn’t gonna stay up even later on a school night to do the write up, esp when we all know I spend at least an hour surfing my fave Cheezburger sites and playing Spider Solitaire before I even type out a single word. Kinda like I’ve been doing for the past hour…

Anyways, movie. Friends with Kids. Kinda wonderful. Unique premise. Honest humor. Impeccable cast. The obvious comparison given the cast overlap is Bridesmaids, and the style of humor was very similar. Clever and witty, minor shocks here and there tip-toe-ing towards offensive, dirty but not raunchy. Elicited plenty of giggles and a few jaw drops here and there. And yeah, that cast? Phenomenal.

I was actually really stoked to see Adam Scott in a leading role. He played prolly my favorite character in My Idiot Brother, so I really wanted to see what he could do with a more substantial part. Loved. Him. Opposite Scott was the film’s writer/director Jennifer Westfeldt, who really to this point is best known as being Jon Hamm’s longtime arm candy. After seeing her here, I really hope that this is a breakout film for her because I adored her as well. The way the two leads played off each other was fantastic. Priceless banter, believable connection, profound chemistry.

The supporting cast was great as well. I love Maya Rudolph in roles where she’s more conservative with the comedy. It suits her better and makes her humor that much more effective, so this was a great fit. And I dont think I ever appreciated Kristin Wiig as much as when she also just had some subtle bits here and there, instead of being over the top loud and crazy. Between this and Bridesmaids, I’m starting to really like Chris O’Dowd. Jon Hamm will forever be Don Draper. No way around it. And Megan Fox actually didnt annoy me as much as usual.

I thoroughly loved the first 2/3-75% of the movie. Alas, there was a downside (and it wasn’t me falling asleep because it was late. I had a sip of 5 Hour Energy before rehearsal to curb that). The last little bit dropped almost all humor, got sappy, and turned into bad drawn out rom com. Yeah, you know where things are gonna end up. Just \m/ get there and get it over with. We dont need so much back and forth, esp when it changes the whole tone of the movie. Really, you could have cut out a good 15-20 min and this movie would have been perfect. Sooooo minus a half a point.

Friends with Kids – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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