The Woman in Black

“Once the credits rolled for Albert Nobbs, I had exactly 10 min to make a bathroom run and grab a hot dog with an overabundance of condiments from the concession stand and catch The Woman in Black. Basically all I knew about this was Daniel Radcliffe in a horror film. They had me at Daniel Radcliffe.

I wasn’t the only one with eyes on the boy wizard in his premier post-Potter picture. It always seems like such a big step, taking on that first big role after being a child star. I think Radcliffe chose wisely. Well for one, he’s certainly commanding respect on Broadway between Equus and HTSIBWRT. Major points for that. Then with Woman in Black, he chose something that was age appropriate (although he did seem a lil young in the role to me, that’s mostly because this type of thing tends to go older, when it fact his age is prolly more historically accurate), mostly different with just a hint of familiarity, and something that he carried without making a big hoopla about it. Well played, Potter.

One of the (many) reasons I dont really like watching movies at the Common is that it’s always so \m/ crowded. Unless I’m catching an “”old people”” movie at the Kendall, it’s rare that an afternoon matinee is near capacity at any other theater. The continually shrinking personal bubble as more patrons filed in, the ones who insisted on moving around, and the dude in front of me who was providing a dumbed down play by play (oh \m/! It’s the bitch! [spoiler] is gonna happen!) all ranked pretty high on my annoyance meter. But, on the other hand, I’d forgotten how much better horror movies are with a big crowd. I love hearing the gasps and shrieks and nervous laughter after someone just jumped 3 feet outta their seats. As someone who’s not easily scared by movies, it’s good to have another way to gauge the jitters and fear factor.

I did like the set up, and the feel of the movie. It was horror in the sense of creepy goings on, not crazy person chasing you with a knife. But because it was set waaaay back when, there was this really eerie gothic vibe that fit so well. I loved that! And while I may not have been scared witless (yes, replace that w with two other letters) the overall feel was fantastic. What wasnt, however, was how slowly things played out. There wasn’t a lot happening and it hardly ever felt like the plot was really advancing. And while the ultimate conclusion was satisfying (omitting spoiltacular details), the build up to it wasnt. I feel like it was a good idea, in a great setting, but the execution was lacking.

But I will say that being alone in the apartment right now, the radiator sounds are creeping me out a bit more than usual.

The Woman in Black – \m/ \m/ \m/

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