Man on a Ledge

“I always feel so off balance when I go over a week without a trip to the movies. That’s largely due in part to American Idiot being in town. I was at all 8 shows. Kinda obsessed.

Thankfully this was a slow week movie wise anyways, so I got one of ’em in tonight: Man on a Ledge. Overall enjoyable. Clever concept, stirring suspense, compelling characters, and just a hint of animated action. I was thoroughly enjoying seeing the plot play out, although I will admit to losing a lil interest once I started to figure things out. But I just loved the clash of the genres, by which I mean how the heist story was juxtaposed with the redemption story.

For me, what really anchored the story was Elizabeth Banks. That kinda took me by surprise. But she had such drive and determination that it really carried the movie. Sam Worthington was alright (though it amused me during one of his more over-the-top desperation scenes where he couldnt maintain the American accent) but Banks is the one that held it together. Really, this was all about the bad ass chicks because newcomer Genesis Rodriguez shone brightly as well. So much sass and attitude, she completely lit up all her scenes. Her chemistry with Jamie Bell was brilliant, and he was such fun to watch as well. So yeah, even though it was about the man on the ledge (Worthington), I was much more interested in all of the supporting characters.

Certainly an enjoyable movie to cure the usual January lull. Nothing spectatular, but fun and entertaining.

Man on a Ledge – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n