“Let’s imagine I posted this yesterday, yeah? Once Extremely Loud ended, I grabbed a hot dog and an Icee from the concession stand and went to a neighboring auditorium for Haywire (yes, I did pay for both tickets).

Sometimes I find the story behind the movie more intriguing than the movie itself. That was sorta the case here. The couple times I saw the trailer, I was kinda confused by the cast. Here were all these big name actors: Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender. But who the \m/ was this chick with them? This chick is Gina Carano–an MMA fighter and American Gladiator. Basically Steven Soderbergh saw her and decided to build a movie around her. Kinda cool.

The result was a really different feeling action movie. Instead of a huge Hollywood headliner, you had an extremely well trained lesser known lead. That gave it the raw and gritty and real feel that I love in action movies (think Jason Statham circa The Transporter). But at the same time, this was a Steven “”Oceans Eleven”” Soderbergh film. So you had the big supporting stars (taking advantage of the system he used for Contagion: pull in a major cast for a lot of minor scenes so everyone’s schedules can be accomodated), the over the top soundtrack, and a bit more flare than you’d get with a lower budget flick. It set me a lil off balance, but I think that worked.

What failed for me was the storyline. I had a hard time following the details. Once things got cleared up at the end it made more sense, but I was a lil lost thru most of it. Then again, this movie was more about the action than the story so I just kinda went with it. And yeah, the action sequences were pretty cool. Gina Carano does have some rather incredible moves, and I’d be really excited to see her career as an action star grow. Not too many bad ass chicks that can handle this sorta thing.

Haywire – \m/ \m/ \m/

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