Gulliver’s Travels

My “”oh shit”” realization upon the start of the movie (funny how I seem to have those a lot…Im too addicted to theatergoing) was that Im a fan of Tenacious D. That doesnt necessarily make me a fan of Jack Black. He’s great with the D, but otherwise he’s rather awkward and tries too hard. Like Will Ferrell, I handle him best in small doses. And most of hte build up at the beginning was quite awkward (Im using that word a lot today).

At this point, you’re prolly wondering why I even bother to put myself through these things. I do like the story of Gulliver’s Travels. I read it way back when, and of course I only remember stuff from the first two sections (Lilliput and the country who’s name I cant remember where Gulliver is the tiny one). I fully realized that this was gonna be a very loose interpertation, and I was very much intrigued by that premise.

Y’know, it wasn’t all bad. It wasnt particularly good either, but I did find it entertaining (once we got past the slow start of course). Best redeeming quality was Jason Segal, no contest. Emily Blunt also amused me. Apparently, she was forced by contract to do this film. The only way I can think of to describe her performance is that its the sort of thing I’d do if I were forced to do a Dramashop show. Kinda like she was pretending to take it overly serious, but really didnt give a \m/. Oh points for Billy Connelly as well.

Im glad that they didnt overdo the anacronistic (that’s not the right word but its close) jokes. It would have been easy for them to keep going, but they were just pushing the boundary. I did appreciate the movie reenactments.

Oh btw, didnt even really notice the 3D at all.

Gulliver’s Travels – \m/ \m/ \n”

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