Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

“Almost a week behind on this one. Normally, I’d just punt it entirely, but A) I’m down in Texas with little to do, and 2) this was one \m/ awesome movie! I left there thinking it was a total Dawn movie, right up my alley, and really fun and entertaining. But the more that I see positive reviews and blurbs claiming it’s one of the best of the year, the more I’m inclined to agree. I won’t yet go so far as to say best in the franchise because I’d need to rewatch it, but it’s def a possibility.

I love all of the Mission Impossible movies. MI:2 is one of the first action flicks I ever saw in the theater, and is therefore directly responsible for my being an action junkie. That adrenaline is wicked addicting! I did approach this with a lil skepticism because, really, another one? But I knew no matter what, there’d be some shiny things to look at, so it wouldnt be a total waste.

But yeah, awesome! Why? I think the biggest win, and the thing that sets this one apart from the others (since each of them seem to have their own vibe, prolly due to the fact that each has been helmed by a different director) was the humor. I _LOVE_ action comedies IF they’re really only trying to fit one of the two genres, and the other just happens to come along. If you’re specifically trying for both, you get Knight and Day (gag!). But Ghost Protocol is primarily an action movie. It just happens to have a lot of clever one liners and a bunch of small comedic moments.

When I first started noticing the humor, I thought it was all gonna come from Simon Pegg. While he did provide a lot of it, really, the fun was spread around. There was Tom Cruise’s playful skepticism, and Jeremy Renner’s awkward matter of fact-ness as well. I’d actually been kinda excited about Renner being added to the cast (word on the street is they’re prepping him to take over the franchise if and when Cruise ever steps down). I thought he was gonna come right in and Jason Bourne the whole thing, but he actually was a quiet, geeky analyst being unexpectedly (and somewhat unintentionally) thrown into the mix. That added a whole new dynamic to the team and gave me a favorite character to watch.

Since we’re talking about cast, Tom Cruise still fits the role of Ethan Hunt like a glove. I know a lot of people have negative opinions of the man, but I will continue to defend him til the day I die. Sure, Tom Cruise as a person might be a lil bit on the crazy side (couch jumping, anyone?) but as an actor he truly is fantastic. I feel his personal life tends to overshadow his career at times, which is why he’s become so underrated lately. But he is so at home as Ethan Hunt. He effortlessly pulls off the brilliant scheming, gracefully performs his stunts, charms his marks and the audience, all with his (still) boyish good looks and playful grin. Cannot wait to see him in Rock of Ages this summer, btw.

Just before going to the movie, I was talking to a coworker about my love of action films. I told him that one reason I keep insisting on going to see them is that I hold onto the hope that I’ll still be surprised by something. Yeah, a lot of them tend to be more and more of the same, but you always hope for that one scene with something new. The example we had been discussing was the chase scene with the safe in Fast Five. Others I love are the scene in the dark for Equilibrium or cheesey as it is, John McClain destroying a helicopter with a cop car in Die Hard 4 certainly gets creativity points. Ghost Protocol had several amazing scenes. _Loved_ the chase scene in the middle of the sandstorm. It added such a terrifying suspense, not being able to see what was happening. Can’t remember the last time I felt that in an action sequence. But what was even better was when Ethan Hunt was climbing up the side of the world’s tallest building. You thought the rock climbing in MI:2 was good, this one totally kicked its ass! Besides the magnitude and scale of the scene, what makes it fantastic is that as awesome as Hunt is, he’s not perfect. I won’t spoil, but it was the mishaps in the sequence that were most effective–waaaay more than the “”OMG he’s really high up”” shots. Jeremy Renner also got a great character driven action sequence later on, with a comedic assist from Simon Pegg.

Something else I love about Mission Impossible is the gadgets. Again, won’t spoil, but some of the tech they use to break into the Kremlin is quite clever and fantastic. Almost as good as the chewing gum from the first one.

About time to go and grab breakfast, but I cannot recommend this highly enough for any of you action junkies out there. Truly truly fantastic and fun film!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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